WSN online training


Although there are many therapy schools where ‘WSN’ is taught as part of their Hypnotherapy curriculum. Terence Watts’s school, The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis remains the only source where you can train in the full concept. The training these days is all online and so you can study this amazing therapy model, if you’re a therapist, from the comfort of your own home. 

WSN online-training

You can find out more about our WSN online training here:

The latest addition to the work is WSN Level 3.  This is a powerful addition to the process and works like a powerful psychological microscope to peer deep into the psyche – in this way, a practitioner can quickly discover what’s causing all manner of difficulties in life.



The link above will take you to our WSN online training course page at the Essex Institute, however if you have specific questions about the course you may get in touch by clicking the button below.