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The human race in the form that we are now has been in existence for around 100,000 years. Throughout the whole of that time, there have been two separate streams of genetic information being passed from one generation to another, through different countries and cultures, through plague and famine, not stopped nor even hindered by barbarian uprisings, religious crusades, or bloody revolutions. 

Those two genetic streams continued relentlessly, actually gaining strength, through times of witches and warlocks, peasants and kings, knights and serfs; they survived wars, holocaust, earthquakes that split continents, unimaginable volcanic upheaval, and fantastic inventions, until, in one single split second, they fused together within a single human cell that was to become… YOU! And you will have inherited the strengths of either the Warriors, Settlers or Nomads… but are you using them to the best possible effect?

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Terence Watts Creator, WSN

For most people, the answer is, sadly, “Not really.” But all that can change more easily than you ever thought possible and when you begin to use them in the way they work best for you, you are going to be astonished at the change in so many aspects of your life! Your self-esteem and confidence will improve automatically, and so many things that have been difficult to deal with in the past will be so easy you will genuinely wonder if they ever were a problem in the first place. You can choose to work on your life generally in order to properly enjoy being alive, or you can choose to work on specific issues, such as relationship problems, weight management, or anxiety, for instance.

About Us – Our Practitioners

Every one of our counsellors has received this specific training and they are all skilled at helping to you to discover and become – permanently – the best you possible. Even when you’re not sure exactly what’s wrong, our counsellors can help, since they are also trained to identify the areas in your personality that are in conflict, if you need them to do that.

Perhaps the best bit is that the vast majority of people notice a real difference after just their very first session!

Please note: WSN therapy or coaching may not be suitable for those suffering from Bipolar Disorder or recognised personality disorders such as schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder.

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