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All counsellors and coaches listed on this site are known to have completed their studies with reputable schools/institutions prior to being registered with us. They are subject to strict conditions of membership and in accordance with industry standards, they are committed to ongoing continuous professional development and must hold professional indemnity insurance where possible (in some countries other than UK, such insurance is not available).

For your own benefit, your most successful outcome is enhanced when you relate well with your therapist.  As some therapists have more qualifications or experience than others, it is in your best interest to make a telephone call to ensure that you feel comfortable working with a particular person.

It’s worth noting that Level 3 practitioners have undergone further training and have the highest level of expertise.  Level 3 Training is currently being developed and the first Level 3 practitioners training is expect to be completed late 2019.


All therapists run their own business and set their own fee levels, based on their level of qualification, geographical area and work environment. It is therefore impossible to state fees here but most of the time they will vary between around £50.00 and £100.00 per session (UK prices). Many therapists are able to offer concessionary rates and so the best thing is always to make that telephone call. All counsellors and coaches registered with us have agreed to provide an initial assessment session at no charge. This allows you and they to assess if this style of working is the way forward for you – and every one of them will be able to offer alternative methodologies if necessary.


Any qualifications listed on this site are specific to the primary training that the practitioner will have received before they studied the highly specialist style of working offered from these pages – it is impossible to study the WSN concept in full without having already been qualified in one of the acceptable disciplines in emotional health care. That is likely to have been psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, cogntive behavioural therapy, or coaching.  What is certain is that every practitioner listed in this register has received proper professional training. 

“PLEASE NOTE: There was a reissue of certification in April 2019 – many practitioners will have original certificates dating back a lot further than that.”

Georgina McKinnon

Georgina Mckinnon Hypnotherapy
Practice Address The Admirals Offices The Historic Dockyard Chatham Kent ME4 4TZ United Kingdom Phone: 01634 420202 Website: Georgina McKinnon Hypnoptherapy


Photo of Georgina McKinnon

I ran my own international specialist retail business for many years when I sold the business I found myself drawn to hypnotherapy/psychotherapy and so retrained over 10 years ago.

Now I have two busy practices in Kent UK and I also see clients at 10 Harley Street London.

7 years ago I established KICH Hypnotherapy Training in Kent after working for three years at The Essex Institute helping teach the Terence Watts Professional Practitioner Hypnotherapy training course.

I am delighted to teach BWRT Level 1 and 2  the classroom in Kent and Norfolk with June Hale.

Recently opened an online training platform TranceFormers Training with Emma Evans.

Coming soon I will be offering more fantastic training courses from the stable of Terence Watts one of only two UK practitioners approved to do so.


I have years of experience working with WSN and am used to seeing the fantastic results it produces.

  • Qualified Advanced Clinical Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist.
  • Non-medical Psychosexual specialist.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Coach.
  • Regression hypnotherapist
  • A SymbioDynamics practitioner. SymbioDynamics™ is a superlative personal coaching model.
  • Practitioner of stress management in practice.
  • Analytical psychotherapy specialist.
  • Specialist in weight control.
  • A practitioner of the award-winning ‘easy quit’ stop smoking programme.
  • BWRT 1 and 2  fast effective new therapy that does not require hypnosis or disclosure of the problem.
  • I have an enhanced CRB check.
  • I am a member of The APHP and a recognised health care professional registered with CNHC.    Many specialist qualifications have been added to my hypnotherapy base since my original training and I keep very up to date with the latest techniques.

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