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Performance Enhancement

No matter whether you want to enhance your performance in the workplace, the sports field, the theatre, in your relationships or your sexual abilities, WSN can probably help you more swiftly than any other form of counselling or coaching.

Always Resistance

It doesn’t matter how much you consciously know you want to improve your performance in any particular activity, there’s always another part of you that is working hard to prevent it - unless you’re one of the lucky ones for whom life ‘just works’... but then you wouldn’t be reading this page!

Most people are not aware of the part of their personality which is stopping them from achieving their aims and goals. This is because that part of you is tucked away out of sight in the subconscious so that you can’t easily change it. As daft a it might sound, this is part of the ‘basic survival kit’ that you have inherited from your ancient ancestors. Not that it’s relevant for most of us these days, but evolution moves slowly and so our inherited instincts seek to keep us from making radical change unless it leaves us open to risk that we cannot cope with.

What that subconscious of yours is responding to is a very simple built in command: ‘If what you’re doing has led to survival - and it has because you’re here - keep on doing the same so you can survive some more and produce more children.’ It doesn’t give a fig about the fact that if you could work a bit faster you could earn more money (what’s the point of money if you don’t survive?), or if you could be a better lover you would get more sex (you’re extremely vulnerable during sexual activity!). It doesn’t care that if you could run 100 meters just a quarter of a second faster you would win all your races and be the top man in your athletics club (leaders get targeted more than followers).

We could talk a lot more about this but you’re probably getting the idea by now so let’s move on to discussing what we might do to fix the problem.

Finding the Best Part

There are several ways that a WSN Counsellor/Coach can help you to achieve your aims and they will always ask you quite a few questions in order to decide on the best method. One of the easiest ways of working is to simply discover which part of your personality is most suited to the task you need to excel at. That’s a bit too complicated to go into in detail here, but you can trust that every WSN Counsellor/Coach will know almost immediately which instinctive drives they need to help you enhance and will also know exactly how to go about it.

If you’ve already read our ‘WSN Intro’ file (and if you haven’t, it’s a good idea to do so) you already know about the three different basic aspects of our personality and the way they govern absolutely everything we do. Roughly speaking, if it’s to do with practical matters or issues of control, then it will be the Warrior part of your personality (don’t worry - we all have it!); if it’s associated with communication or working with others in a team process, then the Settler is the most likely candidate, while the Nomad is generally best for everything that involves personality and charisma, ‘fronting’ a project or selling the idea to others in some way.

All our Counsellors and Coaches are highly skilled at bringing out and using the personality trait that you need, coupled with just the right amount of balance from the others, to help you get to where you want to be in the easiest way possible!

Another Way

To an extent, the style of the dominant part of your personality will determine how you approach any performance enhancement task. You might already know about the three basic personality traits but you probably are not aware that each of those ‘instinctive drives’ breaks down into three subdivisions that work differently from each other. For instance, the Warrior type might be a:

  • Leader who is not too concerned about beating others but in giving their best
  • Ruler who seeks to be stronger and faster than the others and cannot stand being beaten
  • Crusader who will seek to right the wrongs done to others and will seek to dominate the wrong-doers in any way possible

So let’s imagine for a moment how this personality will seek to improve performance in the workplace, looking for promotion: The Warrior Leader will seek to show how effective they are; the Warrior Ruler will try to show how much more effective than others they are; the Warrior Crusader will seek to beat all comers no matter what, then later extend help to some of those who they’ve beaten (but only the weaker ones - they don’t want competition).

All well and good... but that’s just the way their conscious mind works and what if a part of their subconscious learned, while they were a child perhaps, that beating others gets you beaten? Or that coming top gets you disliked? What if they were taught that no matter what efforts they made, they were wasting their time because they were somehow ‘not right’. Any of those three scenarios - and there are many more possible - would be enough to work like a mental block, getting in the way of them achieving their goal. The subconscious would ensure that something happened to take the edge off their performance.

And that’s where the WSN Counsellor or Coach becomes so effective, because they are all skilled at finding out what’s getting in the way and removing the block.

There are many other ways of working - just two are shown here - and the sooner you start, the sooner your life will improve... And that improvement lasts.

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