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As desperate as you might be because you cannot bear the thought of your relationship finishing, it is often no more distressing than being in one that you want to end but just don’t know how to go about it. And when you’re just not sure, it can be even worse... No matter which, though, relationship counselling can help far more than you might realise.

The Major Problems

For most people difficulty in relationships can be narrowed down to one of the following situations:

  • Can’t get into one
  • In one that you want to end
  • In one that just isn’t working
  • In one you fear is ending
  • Not able to sustain one

No matter which of those situations you find yourself in, or even if it’s something totally different from any of those, we can help you. The WSN style of relationship counselling is one of the best - if not the best - ways of getting things sorted out. All our relationship counsellors are highly skilled, competent, and unbiased and professional.

You might want just to find a bit of advice or understanding though and if so, read on while we take a brief look at each of the above situations.

Can’t get into one

Far more common than you might realise, this problem is often based on the twin problems of low self-worth and fear of rejection. Either of those can stop you responding to anybody who makes any advance towards you, and then your self-worth takes another hit as you beat yourself up for the umpteenth time. There are two main difficulties here:

  1. Somebody shows that they are attracted to you but you dismiss them.
  2. You find somebody attractive but you’re certain that you are just not the sort of person they’d be interested in. Then, even if you do approach them you find yourself in a toe-curlingly embarrassing situation and want the ground beneath your feet to open.

Believe it or not, there are many thousands of people in exactly the same situation as you - and it’s an even money bet that some of those you are attracted to have the same problem! It might seem impossible right now, but WSN relationship counsellors are all highly skilled at helping people to get past this problem and find happiness with another.

In one that you want to end

Ending a relationship is always tough, and it seems harder for men than for women. It’s sometimes the case that you just don’t want to hurt this person with whom you’ve shared a part of life. At other times it might be based on fear of how they will react or behave - and that can be intimidating enough that you continue to pretend all is well for far too long.

Although the second situation might seem insurmountable, our counsellors can help you find the answer - and there always is one. And where you just don’t want to hurt someone, staying with them long after you want to will only cause them more pain as you behave less and less lovingly towards them. Whatever your situation, our counsellors can help you find the courage necessary to resolve it as well as the ability to avoid getting into the same situation again at some time in the future.

In one that just isn’t working

In many ways, this is the worst possible scenario, since it embodies all sorts of self-blame and self-recrimination, along with lame attempts at justification where others demand it (‘He/She loves me in his/her own way’) which do nothing for your confidence and belief in yourself as a worthwhile individual. It’s usually difficult to pinpoint exactly why things aren’t right, especially if your partner insists that there’s nothing wrong and you’re just being anxious or neurotic.

Is it the sex? Have I developed halitosis? Is there somebody else? Is he/she ill? Is he/she just not telling me something? Am I about to be told ‘it’s over’? Am I just imagining it? Am I going mad?

Those - and more like them - are the sorts of questions that plague anybody who’s in a relationship where it definitely feels as if there’s something wrong, yet which cannot be defined. It’s almost impossible to sort this one out without help and many turn to their friends for advice... But the problem is that friends are often biased and their advice might not be the right thing for you.

Relationship counselling with a WSN counsellors is unbiased and ‘clean’ in that you will be helped to find the best way forward for you and your partner. If it can be fixed, we’ll help you fix it. If it can’t, we’ll help to get you past sadness.

In one you fear is ending

There are a huge number of reasons why people freak out when they fear their relationship is ending. Here are just a few:

  • They won’t find anybody else
  • Guilt - they did something wrong
  • They still love their partner
  • People will laugh at them
  • People will blame them and think them stupid
  • Somebody else will ‘get’ their partner

There are others but those are the most common. Sometimes, whatever problems there are can be fixed - and our relationship counselling includes exploring that possibility. It might be that you need to confront the issue with your partner to ‘clear the air’ and we can help you find a way to do that confidently. Sometimes though, when you discuss it with an unbiased person, you begin to realise the truth that if it is going to end, better to get it over with and get a ‘restart’ sooner rather than later. We can help you with that situation as well. In fact, we can help you cope, whatever the difficulties you face.

Not able to sustain one

There are a good few reasons why sustaining a relationship is difficult for you. Here are some of them:

  • You are attracted to the ‘wrong’ type of person
  • You don’t believe you are lovable enough
  • You get bored/irritated after a while
  • You haven’t found your Soul Mate yet
  • You keep on fancying other people
  • Your partners always seem to change after you’ve been together a while

Although it might be a slightly uncomfortable recognition, the problem is almost certainly within you and not the people you form relationships with. But that’s good news because it means you can make the changes you need! You can’t possibly change others, but you can change you, if you really want to... and we can help you do that.

No matter what...

No matter what your relationship difficulty is, our relationship counselling can help you get it sorted out. The sooner you make a start, the sooner you will feel happy again, so why not give one of our counsellors a call today?

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