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If you've ever thought how wonderful it would be to find the sort of life that would suit your personality exactly so that everything seemed to 'just work', WSN Counselling & Coaching could help you  find it, just it has for many others since 1997.

The 'WSN' (it stands for 'Warriors, Settlers & Nomads) concept was created by Terence Watts, an internationally respected professional therapist. It provides highly effective counselling for:

... and a whole host of other issues besides!

Every counsellor and coach listed on this site will have completed the specialised training that is needed to help you get the best out of your life; they are all properly insured and will have trained in a wide range of 'people skills', including psychotherapy. This means that if, for any reason, it is considered that WSN is not the way forward for you, any of the counsellors and coaches listed on this site will be able to offer alternative methods of working with you.

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The Perfect System

It's not often that we find anything in life which is perfect... but this just might be the perfect sytem for helping you achieve your hopes, wishes and desires in life! We can say this with confidence because the WSN concept doesn't rely on teaching you how to behave differently, or showing you only how to cope with 'stuff' that is affecting your quality of life. It is far more empowering than that because it helps you to find strengths and resources that you never knew you had - probably even abilities that you've always wished you possessed. So often, when we wish we were a certain way, it's because the deepest part of our mind knows that we already are. Or could be. And that's where we come in...

The unique skill and processes that our practitioners have acquired can help you to releases and use strengths and resources you always though you might have but just didn't know how to access! In short, we can help you find a life perfectly tailored to you, to help you make things look so easy, others will believe you've discovered some magical secret. And of course, you have!


How Many Sessions?

Because everybody is different, it's impossible to state how many sessions any one person might need to achieve what they want. This is a fast method, though, and may people are amazed to discover just how much beneficial change they can make for themselves in only one session. What is absolutely certain is that there is no other counselling or coaching model like this one, that can change the way you feel about yourself and remove personal limitations often at a stroke.

Any of the practitioners listed on this site will be happy to offer you an initial assessment session at no charge, so that they and you can decide if the WSN concept of counselling and coaching is the way forward for you. As for charges, each individual runs their own practice and therefore sets their own fees and this will obviously be discussed before you agree to any paid sessions. 

Level 2 practitioners have completed extra training to acquire the highest possible level of expertise in this working methodology.

The First Step

To take the first step towards the life you always wanted, type the area where you live into the 'Search Practitioners' box at the top of the page and find one near you - you will be able to contact them by telephone or email, as you prefer. If you feel you would like more information, please contact us with your specific questions. 



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